Please note that the program is subject to minor changes

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

8:30 Registration opens
9:00 Welcome
9:15 Keynote: Lucy Suchman
  Chair: Kai Riemer
10:45 Coffee Break

Paper Session 1: Living with Monsters

Chair: Benjamin Müller

11:15 Thinking with Monsters
  Dirk S Hovorka, Sandra Peter
11:45 A Bestiary of Digital Monsters
  Rachel Douglas-Jones, John Mark Burnett, Marisa Cohn, Christopher Gad, Michael Hockenhull, Bastian Jørgensen, James Maguire, Mace Ojala, Brit Ross Winthereik
12:15 Lunch

Panel: Monstrous Materialities

Chair: Edgar Whitley

1:30 Monstrous images of the past: photorealism and non-photorealism in archaeological information work
  Isto Huvila
1:45 Available to Meet: Advances in Professional Communications
  E Swanson
2:00 Many eyed monsters and their lure: Surveillance, seduction, and governmentality
  Shyam Krishna
2:15 The Monstrous Playbooks of Academic Publishers – An Opinion Piece
  Stefan Klein, Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Simeon Vidolov
2:30 Panel discussion
3:00 Coffee Break

Paper Session 2: Implications of algorithmic decision-making

Chair: Eleanor Wynn

3:30 Algorithmic Pollution: Understanding and Responding to Negative Consequences of Algorithmic Decision-making
  Olivera Marjanovic, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Richard Vidgen
4:00 Quantifying Quality: Algorithmic Knowing Under Uncertainty
  Eric Monteiro, Elena Parmiggiani, Thomas Østerlie, Marius Mikalsen
4:30 Understanding the Impact of Transparency on Algorithmic Decision Making Legitimacy
  David Goad, Uri Gal

Interactive Session: (4 rooms with projectors & screens; hors d’oevres and drinks served)

5:00 Start of the session: Bar open
5:15 Paper Slam
5:30 Parallel session 1
6:30 Drinks break
7:00 Parallel session 2
8:00 Drinks
8:30 Session ends
8:30 End of Interactive Session
Stream A - Data and Algorithms in Healthcare
Chairs: Steven Alter and Lynne Markus
Dating with Monsters: the Practices of Big Data in Healthcare
Marthe Stevens, Rik Wehrens, Antoinette de Bont
Algorithmic Decision-making in the US Healthcare Industry
Marco Marabelli, Sue Newell, Xinru Page
The Healthcare AI Juggernaut: Is PHI Data Governance Possible?
Jenifer Winter, Liz Davidson
Painting a false picture in high definition: attributing Cesarean Sections to individual clinicians
Kathleen Pine, Melissa Mazmanian
Stream B - Conceptual and philosophical matters
Chairs: Lars Mathiassen and Peter Axel Nielsen
“Feminized or Feminine?” Artificial Intelligence Cyborg Feminism: From Performativity to Existentialism and Phenomenology
Emmanuel Monod, Robert Davison, Elisabeth Joyce
Living with monsters: Introducing experience to the theorizing of sociomaterial entanglement
Irina Popova, Chris ivory, Anette Hallin
Four Perspectives to Conceptualizing Material Agency for Studying Technology in Organizations
Sarah Lebovitz, Natalia Levina
Designing affordances as four-ways negotiation: illuminating the role of affect and discourse
Edouard Pignot, Mark Thompson
Stream C - The Business of Algorithms
Chairs: Eija Karsten and Paul Hart
The Arrival of Algorithmic Phenomena into Business Culture: Exploring The Future of Entrepreneurship and Accountability
JP Allen
Unsanitary Practice: What Does Programming Have to Do with Beauty
Marina Fedorova
Semiotic Overflow across Boundaries: Performativity of ‘Monstrous’ Mobile Apps
Divya Sharma, Agam Gupta, Biswatosh Saha (Facilitators: Ingrid Erickson and Michael Myers)
Stream D - New Digital Phenomena
Chairs: Karlheinz Kautz and Lena Hylving
The Digital Making of Real Monsters: The Escalation Process of Online Commitment to an Antisocial Identity
Christine Abdalla Mikhaeil, Richard Baskerville
A (Not-Just-Virtual) Space of Our Own: Exploring the Sociomaterial Constitution of a ‘Space of Re-sistance’ through Facebook
Mahya Ostovar (Facilitators: Mari-Klara Stein and Sirkka Jarvenpaa)
Temporality and sociomaterial assemblages as agential cuts: Reflecting on the becoming ontology of digital medicines
Valerie Handunge, Eivor Oborn-Barrett, Michael Barrett

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

8:30 Registration opens
9:00 Keynote: Paul Edwards
  Chair: Margunn Aanestad
10:30 Coffee Break

Paper session 3: Algorithmic systems in context

Chair: Kevin Crowston

11:00 Advancing to the Next Level: Caring for Evaluative Metrics Monsters in Academia and Healthcare
  Iris Wallenburg, Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner, Björn Hammarfeldt, Sarah de Rijcke, Roland Bal
11:30 Hotspots and Blind Spots: A Case of Predictive Policing in Practice
  Lauren Waardenburg, Anastasia Sergeeva, Marleen Huysman
12:00 Objects, Metrics and Practices: An Inquiry into the Programmatic Advertising Eco-system
  Cristina Alaimo, Jannis Kallinikos
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Panel: Studying “Sociomateriality”: An Exploration of Constructs in the Making
  Wanda Orlikowski, Susan Scott, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Eric Monteiro
3:00 Coffee Break

Paper session 4: Hybrid Agency and the Performativity of Technology

Chair: David Avison

3:30 Re-figuring Gilbert the Drone
  Stefan Olofsson, Mads Boedker, Torkil Clemmensen
4:00 Making a Difference in ICT research: Feminist theorization of sociomateriality and the diffraction methodology
  Amany Elbanna
4:30 Reflections on IFIP 8.2 (1984-2018): David Avison
4:35 Closing/Wrap Up
5:00 Business Meeting
5:30 End
6:45 Boarding Hornblower cruise ship - Pier 3, On the Embarcadero at Washington St.
7:00 Dinner Cruise of SFO Bay
10:00 End of Dinner Cruise